When you don’t know what to do, worship.


Worship / womenpursuinggod.comThis morning this theme, this message keeps coming to mind: Lean on Me.  Friends, when we don’t know what do to, when we can’t quite figure out how to respond, when things seem uncertain, unfair, or over-complicated, worship.

Our God is the creator of the Universe.  He is and always will be.  He is the first born, He is the King, He is the One who was there at the beginning.  He will never leave you.  He is in all, and through all.

So today, I say, “Woship Him”

Say to Him, “You are faithful.”

Say to Him, “I trust you.”

Even say, “I surrender.”

But worship. Lift His name up ( lift your hands to Him if you wish) but lift His name and worship Him.

He is worthy.


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