God Is Pursuing You!


God pursues us. From the very beginning, God designed His creation to be in relationship with Him.  He created you and me in His image. He created a place and a way for us to live in a close connection with Him. That is His desire.

When we resist Him, when we rebel, He still pursues. God is relentless.

Women Pursuing God simply put, is dedicated to the acknowledgment that God is, has, and will continuously pursue us.  This unimaginable love, this reliable pursuit, this never-ending attention, is ours.

·      We are loved.
·      We are wanted.
·      We are desired.

And we women pursue Him because He first loved us.

Together, let’s welcome and receive His pursuit. Let’s pursue Him in return.  We can be women who seek after Him, live for Him, obey Him, and tell others about Him.

This blog is dedicated to women everywhere — those who know God, and those who do not. It is for you who have discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ — and it is for you who aren’t sure what pursuing God is all about.

Pursue God my friend — and you will find Him. Pursue God with all your heart. You will not be disappointed.


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