“In this compact book, Cheryl Davis tackles a topic all Christians wrestle with: Does God speak to me? If so, am I hearing Him when he does? Her practical approach helps the reader understand how to listen for God’s voice and recognize it when it arrives. A friendly and approachable guide to a difficult subject, I recommend this book to any person who wants to know how to discern God’s voice in a very noisy world.”

Alexandra Kuykendall, author: Loving My Actual Life, and co-founder,
The Open Door Sisterhood (theopendoorsisterhood.com/)


“It’s a noisy life for us all. As S. I. Hayakawa, the noted educator and politician, observed, we live in ‘a Niagara of words.’ Do we have even a small chance of hearing God amid our modern cacophony? Only if we know what to listen for, and when, and where. That’s what this book is all about. Cheryl Davis shows the way forward, gives ample examples from her own life with God, and leads the reader to welcome the most important Voice of all.”

Dean Merrill, award-winning author and publishing executive


Undeniably Near moved my heart as I read how our Heavenly Father is truly near to us all the time, but often we don’t recognize it or respond. God is ever present in our lives, every part, and has words and actions that He wants us to take. Listen to that small still voice and quick to respond! The blessing will be more than you could ever know.”

Brenda Kerls, Director of Supporter Engagement,
Compassion International (www.compassion.com)


Undeniably Near is one of those books you need to keep within reach to remind yourself, when God seems silent, He never is. And to also remind yourself to always be listening for His whispers because you are never alone on the path you are walking – your Father walks beside you!”

Janice Mayo Mathers, Stonecroft Bible Studies author:
Every Season: finding your forever kind of purpose;
Ephesians: Made Complete in Christ (stonecroft.org/store)


“Cheryl is a faithful leader who opens up her heart to reveal God’s truths through her mountaintop experiences, valley of death experiences, and ‘Mom’ experiences. She shares how to seek, speak and obey God’s little tugs to live a fulfilling and abundant life.”

Dorea Potter, radio owner and personality


“Wondering where God is? If He cares? If He has anything to say to your situation? In Undeniably Near, my friend Cheryl Davis woos us to listen to God as he leads in the daily moments. He’s here! And He is speaking.”

Elisa Morgan, speaker (www.elisamorgan.com) and author:
The Prayer Coin; The Beauty of Broken; Hello, Beauty Full, co-host, Discover the Word (www.discovertheword.org), President Emerita, MOPS International (www.mops.org)


Undeniably Near reveals fresh yet timeless insights for hearing God’s voice through Cheryl Davis’ authentic sharing of her own faith journey. God’s Word, partnered with Cheryl’s cherished stories and space for our own devotion, inspire and demonstrate God’s personal guidance.”

Jill St. John, co-pastor, Evangel Church (evangel.church)