Undeniably Near

It was the horrible kind of traffic where the entire freeway stops. I was upset that I had not built in an extra 15 minutes in my schedule. There I was on my way to have dinner with a dear friend. Our dinners had become less frequent over the years so any chance to be together was special for me. But this pause had purpose.

Right in the middle of the sea of cars, the Lord spoke to me. An outline for a book. What? I’m already working on another title. A new book was forming in me and I couldn’t help but grab my phone and start writing.

There I was listing chapter after chapter of the times where the Lord had made Himself known through His words of direction to my heart. Gratitude overwhelmed me as I remembered the countless times that God had personally been so present in my life. Year after year, He faithfully guided me to where He wanted and redirected me from where He did not. I have never been so thankful for traffic!

Undeniably Near is the book!

Join me in developing a fined tuned ear to the ways God speaks to us – personally, intentionally, and for our good, and His glory. Pick up your copy on Amazon in May 2019.

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