Psalm 103:6

Psalm 103:6

The Lord works righteousness 

  and justice for all the oppressed.


God is at work to make wrongs right, and to bring about his justice for those who are oppressed.

So, who are the oppressed around us today? Those who have been  defrauded, violated, deceived, just to name a few.

Who do you know who fits this description? And how might you help her/him know that God is working on her behalf to work justice and righteousness despite her oppression?

Maybe it’s you.

God is not willing to allow your oppressor to get the upper hand. No matter what we experience, God is present to reveal  His love, his justice, and His perfect righteousness, HIs son Jesus Christ.

I experienced God’s work of justice in a very practical way many years ago. The company I worked for hired a consultant. She was defensive, not receptive, and overall resistant to me. There wasn’t really anything I could do but just keep moving forward.

One day, while out to lunch, she came on strong with a challenge for which I was not prepared. She said, in a condescending tone, “Prove me wrong Cheryl, I dare you to prove me wrong.” She previously ranted about how unqualified I was for a role and seemed to use all the armor in her residual to crush me and put me down. I remember being a bit shocked by her oppressing words. In some ways it wasn’t a surprise since her pattern had been pretty brutal, but on this day, for some reason, I was taken off guard.

Then, suddenly, this burst of words  came out of my mouth. I said to her, “ I will not take that challenge. I have no desire to play your game or to prove anything to you, as if you are the judge. My life, my career is not up to you or your measurement of me. It’s God’s. It’s His to determine.”

Right there in that restaurant, God worked his justice. In God’s way, not mine, He enabled me to speak his words of truth.

Be ready for the work of righteousness and justice God will produce in you. If you are oppressed, watch for God’s work. If you are oppressing someone, watch out. God will not be mocked. When he says, He works his justice. He means it.

How did David  see God’s work of justice in his life?  How might you strengthen your confidence in trusting God’s presence in your daily life? And, how are you helping the women around you to know that the God we serve is just?

Dear God, 

Help us to know you the way David knew you. Help us to walk so closely with you that we trust the words of justice and righteousness that you alone work into our lives. And, give us eyes to see those around us who are oppressed. Help us to be prepared to enter her world with the love, compassion, and forgiveness we have received. Help us to share with her your just and right ways.  Amen.


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