Psalm 103:4

You Crown with Love and CompassionPsalm 103:4

who redeems your life from the pit

   and crowns you with love and compassion,


Let’s start today thinking about the worst place you have ever been. Not talking about geography here, but a situation or circumstance you found yourself where you were at your lowest. A place you got yourself into – a bad relationship, piled high in debt, overcome with your inability to keep your mouth shut, depression due to refusal to forgive, or consumed with envy – just to name a few! There you are, in a pit. You look up and the light shining down seems too small to penetrate the dark around you. You can’t climb out because the walls of the pit are filled with layers of slime and gunk from years of buildup.


I can think of such a time. Can you?


Pause and write a few lines describing how you felt below. Only write a few. We’re not going to stay here long:


And now the lift.


It seems there is no way out, and then God, in his great mercy shines the warm and alluring beacon of his saving light down to you, pulling you out of this pit of despair and pulling you toward himself. Ah. The rescue. As he pulls you out, the build up and slime that had covered you begins to slide off. He pulls you close to himself and wipes away the rest, and your tears, your sorrow. And, he gently, and lovingly kisses you on the cheek and says, I love you. He pulls out the best blanket and wraps you in it. And then, he places on your head a covering, a cap that says to you, “My love and compassion are all over you. I see you just as you are: Mine. And, you need to know you don’t belong in that pit. You belong right here with me. This crown can never be removed. It’s one of those articles of clothing that stays with you. Yes, my love and compassion are always a part of you.”


We are not defined by our failures. We are not made in the image of our weakness. We are defined by who God is and how he has saved us through Jesus Christ. When we fully grasp God’s big love for us, we become readied to see that  God lifts us out of the pits so he can reveal his love, his compassion.


He doesn’t just pull us out of the pit. He pulls us out and redeems or saves us from the reason were were there. And if that complete redemption isn’t enough, he tops it off by covering us with his great love and compassion. Wow!


You are a woman who is fully redeemed and loved, and covered with compassion. How does this make you feel? Howmet you share your story with coworkers, friends, or neighbors? They are desperate to experience love and compassion. Maybe your story is going to help them on their way.


Dear God, I have been pulled up out of the slimy pit. You saw me and did not leave me there. You saw me and saved me. Help me today to remember this amazing benefit. You redeem. You save. You crown with love and compassion.


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