Psalm 103:2


Psalm 103:2

Praise the Lord, my soul,

   and forget not all his benefits—


Something slips your mind, something you fully intended to do.  Embarrassment. You think as fast as you can, how can I fix this. How can I make up for forgetting that.

Or, maybe your forgetfulness feels more like a faith dive.. You forget you belong to God. You forget His love. Insecurity seeps in and you struggle to work your way back even though you know that He said all along his love is an everlasting love.

When David writes forget not his benefits, he means forget not! Seems like there is an equal level of importance to not forget God’s benefits as there is to knowing what they are.

One way we might not forget his benefits is by putting a little note on a mirror that says “God loves me and he will never stop.”  Or, maybe a Scripture like


I have loved you with an everlasting love;

   I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Taken from Jeremiah 31:3

Another way to remember God is by staying in His Word every day. Threaded  throughout the Bible is the message of God’s love. If you haven’t already done this, I highly encourage you to read through the Bible in a year Check out for a great way to read through the Bible with a global community.)

I had my own kind of forgetfulness this past week. My son and I like to connect over breakfast on Saturday mornings. I had been away for a couple days so it was good to reconnect. Then, instead of simply ordering coffee, I also ordered two donuts. Talk about forgetting..or ignoring my goal to limit sugar. Ugh.

Why do I replace my sincerest desires, my healthy goals with some immediate sugar topped delight?

There is a deeper issue here when David instructs us to NOT FORGET the benefits of God. There is something very unhealthy that takes place when we ignore his goodness, his character, his provision, his love. This list is so very long and we will delve into this more next time. But I want to continue to process on the spiritual ramifications of malnourishment habits like ignoring or forgetting God’s benefits.


Dear God,

Please help me to remember you this week. Remind me of the truths about you that will never change. Lord, let this week be a benchmark for transforming my mind so that I forget you less and less. Amen


Healthy Habit: Thank God each morning one of His benefits.


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