Psalm 103


Psalm 103:1

Praise the Lord, my soul;

   all my inmost being, praise his holy name.


Everything about me does not praise the Lord. All of my actions, attitudes, thoughts, reactions, words, behaviors etc. do not shout “I praise you God with all of my being!”

I am challenged with how my lack of discipline with exercise and eating habits do not reflect praise to my God. (They shout of his mercy, love, and forgiveness!) But how can my entire life become more and more a praise of who he is. Does my everyday habit of grab and go eating put Christ on display?

Anyone relate?

For the next few months I’m going to blog from Psalm 103 and consider it through the lens of healthy living. Healthy thinking. Healthy actions. Healthy attitudes.

If you are reading this, maybe you would like to experience a little more Health in your life too!

Let’s focus on heart issues, as well as mind, and also our physical bodies. How can we mature in letting all of who we are praise HIm? How might we let God enter places of weakness for His glory and to make Him known?



God, we want to praise you with all of Who We Are. Will you remind us that we are created in your image?  Strengthen us to prioritize a life with you in prayer and praise. Amen




Healthy Habit: Praise God with everything you got!


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