Forget About It!

Brand-new / womenpursuinggod.comThere’s something quite alluring about the word new, don’t you think? It conjures up tantalizing images of fresh starts, second chances, blank canvases waiting for the first dab of color to be splashed on. And just think about phrases that include the word new: a new beginning, a new idea, a new plan, or best of all – new life. They’re exciting, aren’t they? Energizing!

I find it amazing and brilliant that God created the world the way he did – so that every twenty-four hours we are presented with new! Every single morning when our eyes first open God says “Here! I’m giving you a new day to do with as you please!” God, Himself, said it best in Isaiah 43: Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. (Verse19a TMSG) Do you find that remarkable? Clearly, our creator knows us! Even before the beginning of the world, when the earth was still formless and void, God incorporated a plan into creation that would give His beloved humanity an abundance of new beginnings. What breathtaking love that demonstrates!

But there is a condition to experiencing the #beautifulnew God has waiting within each day. It’s found in the verse just before where God tells us what we must do: “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history.” (Verse 19 TMSG) The only way to experience God’s #beautifulnew is to do exactly what He says – stop going over old history! Forget how your spouse disappointed you, or your boss overlooked you. Forget how your child hurt you or your friend failed you. It’s in the past and here before you is a brand new blank page day. Every single morning, the minute your eyes first open, hold out your hands and receive the beautiful new God has for you.

Janice Mayo Mathers