Acts 4:15-22

September 30, 2012

 Read Acts 4:15-22

There is so much happening in this section of Scripture.  The undeniable power of God healing a man’s life. The quieting of the religious leaders. The boldness of Peter and John. The refusal to keep quiet about Jesus name. The recognition that a man was healed after more than forty years of not being able to walk.

For me today, I am most encouraged about God’s healing work in this man who is 40-plus-years-old. It strikes me today that there are many in their forties who have suffered a long time. Many long for healing–for a miracle. I know of such men. I know of such women. And, I believe that God still heals today.  I do not want to in any way misrepresent this Scripture, but I do think it is worth noticing that for whatever reason, in God’s timing, in His Sovereignty, in His Knowing and His power, He allowed this man to experience a healing work in this season of his life. 

Men and women today need hope to believe God can and will work miracles in their lives today. Men and women today need to believe they are not forgotten (especially GenXers). And men and women today need to see that the healing work God will do is for His Name’s sake. His work in your life is for His glory  and attention.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions today:

Where have you tried to deny or shut down the work of Christ in your life through disinterest, a lack of faith, a dwindling hope?  Be honest.

When have you taken a stand to speak up for and speak of Christ?

And, what healing work do you need to ask God for today? How might God use it to bring honor to His Name?

Ask Him.

Believe Him.