Acts 3:8

September 21, 2012

Read Acts 3:8

We love verse eight!  We love a happy ending!  Isn’t it true?  Yes, this verse is a strong testimony of the power of God in this man’s life.  Yes, this situation is easily defined as a miracle. 

But what about the many years he sat?  What about the many who are not healed and are restrained to a wheelchair?  Do we rejoice with them?  Do we acknowledge the work of God in a life who is not jumping, leaping, and praising God?

There is something that happens in the life of the believer when we are “seated” at the Beautiful Gate.  There is a work worth praising God for, although to the natural eye, it seems like desperation, neglect, or even death.  For this man’s entire life, he sat.  And in that place, there was and is purpose.

Q: How have you received the seated times in your life? 


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