Acts 3:3-7

 September 20, 2012

Read Acts 3:3-7

“I’ll give you what I have.”

 How many times have we been faced with a circumstance or situation and thought, “I’m not the one to do this” or” I don’t have what you need.”  In this section of Scripture, Peter acknowledges what he doesn’t have – money!  And, he goes a step further and decidedly offers the beggar what he does have.

Not one of us brings everything to the table.  Not one of us has it all together.  Not one of us can meet every need.  But we can give what we have.  We can give what we know to give in Jesus name.   Peter had the power of God working through Him.  So He gave it away, in a sense. 

Friend, don’t be disheartened by what you don’t have.  Consider how God might want to work through you despite your weakness, or lack of funds. 

 Q: How is God moving you to trust Him in desperate situations to give to others what only He can give through you?