Acs 4:1-3

September 25, 2012

Read Acts 4:1-3

Thrown in jail!
Yep that is what happened to Peter and John once the religious leaders got to them. They didn’t like that they were teaching the people about resurrection through Jesus.
Doing God’s will, following His leading can land you in some interesting places. I was pondering about the low they might have felt after the high of experiencing the promised Holy Spirit and then being part of a seeing a man walk who had NEVER WALKED. The Scripture does not say they were low – I am simply wondering how they might have felt.
Lows after highs happen. But, we can prepare ourselves to stand firm on God’s Word and His leading so that we are not swayed, shifted, or tossed as we read in James.

Q: Where do you find strength when you are confronted after following Christ’s leading?