My friends call me a word-girl. I consider that a compliment, so I’m inclined to agree with them. Since a young age, I’ve openly verbalized my disdain for poorly written ads, and tried to disguise my love of Hallmark commercials. (Admit it—you love them too!) The abundance of advertising in our culture today reminds me of the power of words. What a difference one single word makes!

Think about that. If you’re like me, it strikes a cord. In my life, this is obvious when I consider time I waste worrying verses energy I spend expressing care. When worry is my focus I freeze—overwhelmed and unsure.  On the flip side, when I focus on who and what I care about I’m inspired—motivated to reach out. Two different words; two different results.

The difference in those two little words impacts the difference I make! I desire to influence the people and causes I care about. Don’t you?  When our hearts and minds are focused on caring, we leave worry in our wake. It’s as simple as choosing the right word to define our focus.

-Megan Gordon

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  1. Carol Zuercher says:

    That’s my Word Girl!!!! Thank You Lord for the gift you gave me in Word Girl!

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