Psalm 103:8

Psalm 103:8

created for purpose

The Lord is compassionate and gracious,

   slow to anger, abounding in love.


Yesterday I caught up with a friend who lives thousands of miles away. Our conversation was filled with updates on family and light hearted tid-bits of the happenings in our world. And, our time was filled with the sacred stuff.

This friend is one of the ones who you trust implicitly. No worries about confidentiality, she takes what is said right to God in prayer, and offers some faith-filled wisdom. Some of our conversation related to navigating the difficult waters of leadership, and sadly, the distractions that often coexist.

Then, a change. My friend began to share with me some open doors of ministry the Lord has given her. She shared about the women she helps feed. This is literal. She feeds women who can no longer feed themselves. They are relying on her love and compassion to help them receive the nourishment they need.

The eternal work of compassion will always eclipse the temporary and self absorbed struggle we experience today.

This woman responds to God’s call to spend time each week feeding the helpless. This, my friends, is compassion. This is obedience.

Suddenly, a nudge. Is this kind of compassion in me? Am I living in the Spirit? When I do, I know He will produce in me, in us His compassion and love – and we bear this kind of fruit. Fruit that looks like feeding women who can’t feed themselves.

There is a large world out there of people who need our love. We are created to be His compassion.


Dear God

I am so thankful for your Word. I am so thankful for the everyday compassion i receive from you. Help me today to listen to your Holy Spirit lead me toward being more like you, more compassionate. All the glory goes to you God. Amen.

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